I’m an art director, creative strategist, nature-lover, and hard-working optimist.





I got my start as an artist at Trader Joe’s, drawing hand-lettered chalkboards, while going to college. Though I studied physiology & neuroscience in college, my work drawing chalkboards and store signs made me curious enough to take some design classes after I graduated. My love for design & type grew from there and I have spent my time working as a graphic designer and art director since 2006.

My career began in branding, at a small local firm in San Diego specializing in hospitality design. After a few years, I started my own company, Three House Design Studio, and focused mainly on food and beverage branding and packaging. From there I made the jump to retail, managing catalog design & production and art directing photo shoots. I’m currently working in-house as an Art Director for a major fashion retail company, where I strategize seasonal messaging and manage a super talented team of creatives.

My husband and I love cooking (and eating), exploring outside and spending time with our two daughters. Thanks for stopping by my site

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